Your Team

Your Team – The Kansas State Animal Response Team

March 1, 2019: The Kansas State Animal Response Team board of directors and the KCMetro, Northeast, South Central, Southeast and Southwest regional teams, have come together as a single, cohesive state team!

The Mission: Raise public awareness of the need to plan for animals in disasters, support the development, training, and exercise of Kansas animal response volunteers, and develop statewide animal emergency response capacity.

The Vision: All animals in Kansas are provided for before, during and after major disasters.

Organizational Structure

The Incident Command Structure (ICS), the guide for emergency response is the organizational chart used by the Kansas State Animal Response Team during a disaster response. During non-disaster times team activities encompass the preparation, planning and education processes, organized through committees and the board of directors. This work supports and enhances disaster response. If you are interested in training for a particular area of disaster response it is suggested that you serve on the specified supporting committee. This will help align your work and experience in non-disaster efforts with the response role you are training to fulfill. The board is built on the ICS structure with the President, Vice-President and Immediate Past President serving as the “Team Lead”, the treasurer serves as the Finance Section Lead, and the balance of the board services as PIO, Logistics, Planning and Operations Section Leads.

Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.