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The Christen Skaer Animal Response Volunteer Leadership Award

Awarded annually in recognition of the animal response team volunteer who has shown outstanding achievement, commitment, leadership and education in preparing people and their pets for a disaster, tireless dedication to strengthening animal response teams in Kansas, and/or their dedication responding after a disaster.”   

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This award has been developed to inspire others to not only meet the challenge of being prepared themselves, but to educate others in their community to do the same.  Educating your community or responding in a time of crisis can save lives and help everyone more quickly return to a normal life.  Whether a natural or man made disaster, the number one reason people refuse to evacuate their homes during an emergency is that they do not want to leave their pet behind.  Pets with a plan can save lives!

Nominations will be accepted through September 11, 2015 for the first recipient!   Please click on the nominations button below to nominate the animal response team volunteer you feel is most deserving of this honor.  This year’s recipient will be recognized October 17 at the Kansas Animal Preparedness Conference.

Animal response team volunteers make the difference! Thank you to all Kansas Animal Response Team Volunteers!


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 Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Kansas State Animal Response Team understands the value of volunteers and the importance of recognizing them for their time, effort and dedication.  Beginning this year with the 2015 Kansas Animal Preparedness Conference, in addition to announcing the new Christen Skaer Leadership Award, the board is also pleased to announce that several volunteer recognition awards will be given to volunteers going above and beyond in their service, disaster response, and training.  These new awards include the following:

  • Volunteer Service Award – to recognize the volunteer with the most volunteer services hours recorded for the recognition term
  • Volunteer Training Award – to recognize the volunteer with  the most volunteer training hours recorded for the recognition term
  • Annual Ks Animal Preparedness Conference/Exercise attendance award – to recognize volunteers who take time to attend the annual conference/exercise offered by KS SART
  • Training Above and Beyond – to recognize volunteers who take time to attend additional KS SART sponsored training opportunities during the recognition term
  • Deployment Service Award – to recognize volunteers responding to disasters as a part of the animal response team network of Kansas, during the recognition term (deployed through KDEM)

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Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.