Teamwork Concept

Committee Work

Education, planning and preparation are accomplished through committees. Those committees are chaired by the working board of directors. Volunteers are encouraged to join a committee or two.


II. Membership

  1. The Committee shall consist of:
    1. The board member assigned to the affiliated ICS Section
    2. A committee chair (volunteer)
    3. The State Coordinator (contractor)
    4. A varied number of volunteers

IV. Meetings

  1. Committee can meet as necessary via conference calls or in-person and should communicate on a regular basis
  2. Committees shall maintain minutes of the meeting and report regularly to the Board of Trustees.

V. Time Commitment

  1. Minimum meeting time estimated at 1 hour monthly in-person and/or as conference call. 
  2. Additional time estimated at 3-6 hours monthly on follow up tasks associated with the Committee.

Committees and Priorities

Team Leader

  • Response Process Committee


  • Communications Committee

Logistics Section

  • Equipment Committee
  • Volunteer Support Committee

Operations Section

  • Training Committee
  • Sheltering Committee
  • Vet Med Committee

Finance Section

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Financial Reporting

Planning Section

  • Documentation Committee
  • Volunteer Activities/Events
  • Outreach/Public Education
  • Partnerships Committee

Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.