2015 Ks Animal Preparedness Conference Highlights

What a great conference!  Thanks to all who participated from attendees to speakers to sponsors.  Volunteers were recognized, awards were given, preparedness tips shared, response training provided, the networking opportunities were amazing and the support was appreciated.   The Kansas State Animal Response Team was proud to have hosted this event for animal response team volunteers and the public who attended.   The partnerships forged with local, state and national organizations was invaluable.    Remember the 2016 state training event, 2016 Kansas Animal Response Exercise, will be a hands-on event combining drills and a small scale exercise at Crisis City, October 14-16, 2016!

2015 Volunteer Recognition Awards

Thanks to each and every animal response team volunteer for your dedication and passion in preparing for disaster response and educating the public on disaster preparedness.  The following volunteers were recognized for going above and beyond by attending special training and exercise opportunities provided by, or sponsored by the Kansas State Animal Response Team.

Award Recipients

Highest Volunteer Training Classes - Shelly Marbut (left) Top Volunteer Service Hours - Janell Jessup (right)
Volunteer Training Award – Shelly Marbut (left) and Volunteer Service Award – Janell Jessup (right)


ICS 300/400 (commitment to excellence – above and beyond training award) recipients:  Chris Barth, Kelly Benton. Jennifer Burns, Debra Duncan, Larry Ernsting, Sam Graham, Mark Grinstead, Midge Grinstead, Tom Griswold, Susie Hill, Jan Hinshaw, Carolyn Jergenson, Janell Jessup, DeAnn Konkel, Matt Kuestersteffen, Carla Longacre, Charles Loper, Janet McCloud, Christy Million, Sherry Oswald, Paula Schrieber, Carolyn Shultz, Carmen Simon, Kent Thomas, Glenna Walker


Operation “PUP” Tent (teamwork star – above and beyond training award) recipients:Rebecca Arheart, Chris Barth, Kelly Benton, Jennifer Burns, Sheryl Gallagher, Ron Gallagher, Paul Grosdidier, Catherine Janzen, Janell Jessup, Matt Kuestersteffen, Carla Longacre, Shelly Marbut, Stephanie McCall, Christy Million, Mary Prewitt, Sherri Rider, Beth Rowlands, Micki Schomaker, Carolyn Shultz, Carman Simon, Ingrid Trevino-Garrison
Slack Water Training (teamwork star – above and beyond training award) recipients:Chris Barth, Jennifer Burns, Angela Cornelison, Janell Jessup, Matt Kuestersteffen, Carla Longacre, Stephanie McCall, Sherry Oswald, Micki Schomaker, Carolyn Shultz, Kent Thomas

Operation “PUP” Tent

2015 KS SART Sponsored Training Exercise

On Saturday, June 25, 2015 several animal response team volunteers from three regional teams converged on Crisis City to train on tent placement, setup and tear down.  These tents were secured by KS SART through an AVMF grant process.  There are 3 20’x20′ tents with sides, lighting a generator and 50 large/medium wire dog kennels housed in an 16′ cargo trailer.  This is a state resource that can be deployed and used as temporary animal sheltering space if needed, anywhere in the state of Kansas as a part of an animal response team deployment.  Volunteers were asked to evaluate the course and some great suggestions were made to improve the next PUP tent exercise, which could possibly come in the form of a large state exercise in 2016 at Crisis City!   Click here to see the training survey results.