Kathy Hill


Kathy Hill is currently the Treasurer for the Kansas State Animal Response Team. As a child Kathy aspired to become a Marine Biologist, however growing up in a land-locked state she became an Engineer. Her passion for animals has shaped many vacations visiting wildlife sanctuaries worldwide; Costa Rica, Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. Kathy lives with (2) Green Cheek Conure parrots and cares for (2) sometimes (3) TNR feral cats. In addition to volunteering with KSART she volunteers monthly for Best Friends Animal Society and is a pet sitter. As a member of KSART she enjoys learning about all-hazard preparedness, caring for all animals including livestock and wildlife in a disaster, sharing her own experience and knowledge, and working with like-minded people.  

Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.