We would like to introduce you to Jenni as Vice-President and Logistics Section Chief. Jenni has been involved in animal disaster response for nearly a decade, having joined the Butler County Animal Response team, the most active disaster animal response team in the state. She is a strong proponent of volunteerism, and her daughter Sutton is a junior member of the BuCART team, and has been attending training and events since she was in first grade. Jenni’s role as Logistics lead for BuCART led to her recruitment to the State team Board three years ago as the Logistics Section Chief. She has been certified in Slack Water Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue, Large Animal Rescue Operations, Large Animal Sheltering, Decontamination, Crime Scene Preservation, Disaster Pet First Aid, various FIR and Incident Management, Zoonosis, Wildland Fire, Haz-Mat, and many more. Jenni has also written many successful grants for BuCart.

Jenni’s passion for emergency response stems from her upbringing in a family of volunteer firefighters and first responders. She began volunteering at the age of 14 in EMS and Fire and later graduated from Butler College with an AS before continuing her education at FHSU and the Cowley College Mobile Intensive Care Technician Program and working for the largest county in the state as an MICT. Jenni retains her MICT certification and presently works as a special education paraeducator, SADD/SAFE sponsor at her daughter’s high school.

Jenni’s commitment to service extends beyond her professional life. Being recognized as the Community Volunteer of the Year, as well as the County Volunteer of the Year, she organizes events for her community and her library, and has a deep love for animals, having grown up on a farm. With a 17-year marriage and a teenage daughter, Jenni’s service-oriented spirit is reflected in both her personal and professional life.

Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.