Devan serves as the Recovery Section Chief for the Kansas Division of Emergency Management and has collaborated with KSART since 2007. Devan has been a part of the KDEM team since 2007, maintaining her roots in disaster human services throughout, supporting response to many Kansas disasters in emergency operations center management and disaster recovery, and adding other subject matter areas along the way. Devan currently oversees the Kansas Citizen Corps program, disaster human services and victim assistance programs including individual and public assistance, disaster preparedness public outreach, and the technological hazards program. Additionally, Devan serves as deputy to the Response and Recovery Bureau Director and Deputy State Coordinating Officer for active disasters. Throughout the years Devan has worked diligently to enhance the level of citizen and animal preparedness across the state to face disasters and emergencies including the fun sci-fi preparedness campaign, Zombie Preparedness. If you are prepared for zombies, then you are prepared for anything!

She holds a graduate degree in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and certificates in Morita Therapy and Victim/Survivor Services from Washburn University. Prior to her transition to state level work, Devan was a staff member and volunteer with the American Red Cross where she responded to the Louisiana State Emergency Operations Center during immediate response to Hurricane Katrina.

Devan is the author of the children’s book series, A Very Scary Tail mysteries, featuring four dogs who solve mysteries regarding what goes bump in the night. Devan lives on a farm in rural Kansas where she is a beagle mom, baby cow mom, and human to multiple felines and a very old horse. Home is where her herd is, and it is a large and diverse one.

Returning to the KSART board after many years, Devan considers animals as family and is excited for this opportunity to be a stronger advocate for animals in disaster.

Volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning, and response.