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2015 ASPCA Midwestern Resiliency Grant Awards

Several animal response teams in Kansas were awarded grant funding through the ASPCA in 2015.  These grants encourage animal disaster preparedness and response development in five midwestern states, including Kansas.  Awards in Kansas included funding for response equipment, funding to continue the state Unit Coordinator role and funding to host the annual state training conference, the 2015 Kansas Animal Preparedness Conference.    Read more…

Building Animal Response Teams in Kansas

2012 KVMA Article

By Dr. Christen Skaer, President

Hello everyone from the Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART)! It seems impossible that fall is already upon us as the summer flew by!  We’ve been very busy building response teams across Kansas and the Board of Directors is thrilled with the progress that has been made. Our goal has always been to train volunteers in every corner of the State to respond to animal needs during disasters. We began our fight five short years ago following the Greensburg tornado. Today, we have teams in place in all of the seven regions of Kansas! We sincerely thank all of you for your dedication to this important issue and we look forward to many more successful summers.   Read more

Sára Varsa, HSUS

Director of Rescue and Response

HSUS Animal Cruelty, Rescue and Response Team 

Meet Sára Varsa at the 2015 Kansas Animal Preparedness Conference.  She will be presenting sessions, sharing her experiences and offering great pet disaster response and preparedness tips!  Read her story, one of her many motivations for the job she does!

In August of 2010, the HSUS was asked to assist in Montana with the humane removal and care of about 95 dogs from a relatively remote property. We knew little about the situation except our expertise was needed as there were no resources in the county for humane rescue and care. The deputy was compassionate and concerned for not only the animals, but also the owner. I remember driving on scene through a picturesque field of sunflowers after traversing a long dirt lane.  Nothing could have prepared me, however, for the reality of the life of “Jack” and his pack. 
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KS Dept of Agriculture Donates Supplies

Thank You

In November of 2014, Dr. Tarrie Crnic, director of the Animal Facilities Inspection Program, and her team within the Division of Animal Health, Kansas Department of Agriculture, donated surplus plastic and wire animal crates (some of which were used in the shelter at the Greensburg’ tornado), reptile crates, feed bowls, animal water bottles, and other miscellaneous animal supplies to two county animal response teams, Butler CART and Johnson CART, affiliated with the Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART).  Read more… 

The network of Animal Response Teams of Kansas rely on donations, grant funding and volunteers when providing temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by disasters.  If you are interested in getting involved, as a volunteer, a donor, a sponsor or a disaster partner please click here to learn more!


ASPCA Grant for Training


Grant Awarded for Training

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced the first grant recipients as part of its Midwest Disaster Resiliency Program—a program that provides much-needed funding, training, and expertise to local communities to better serve and assist animals and pet owners during and after disasters.  Continue reading…



Caring for Jack

Any rescue of a living creature is difficult, but a pet rescue is extra tough. For starters pets might not be listed as missing. Next, pets often run from their home area during or after the storm. Then, some pets are so small they can get wedged into the smallest of places. Such was the case with Jack.

Jack was a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack’s family lost their neighbor, lost their home, and they lost Jack.

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