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Hurricane Harvey

Photo: Tiele Dockens

Trained Kansas Animal Response volunteers have been notified and given the opportunity to respond under one of our national animal response partners as animal sheltering volunteers.  Some Kansas animal response volunteers are also involved in the hurricane response through remote liaison and resource coordination efforts to support a partner response agency out of Kansas City.

Thank you to those in communities across Kansas who have asked how you can help the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.   The best way to assist is by funding a legitimate animal response organization that is involved and donate money so that supplies can be purchased to help shelter and care for the displaced animals.  Be sure you know the organization you are donating to as sadly, scammers will take advantage of this situation.

If this disaster has inspired you to get involved then please take time to first sign up to be a volunteer for the Kansas Animal Response Coalition; and second, to take the required response training to become a certified animal responder.   Click here to learn more about how to sign up and where to go for training.

Shelter From The Storm: Train-The-Trainer

A huge thanks goes to the Florida State Animal Response Coalition for conducting a train-the-trainer workshop in Kansas.  “Shelter From The Storm” will be added as the second level to the Kansas animal response training program.    For a train-the-trainer workshop you need volunteers and a big thanks goes to the 20 animal response team volunteers who accepted the challenge to become Kansas trainers.  Made possible through the generous funding support of the Red Cross and held at the beautiful Kansas Humane Society facility, this project is a shinning example of how non-profit organizations can pull together for the greater good!

Meet the new Kansas trainers:

Kelly Benton
Dayna Boso
Amber Bowlby
Jennifer Burns
Stacy Cleaves
Stephanie Grandon
Jesica Harvey
Carolyn Jergenson
Henry Kevern
Carla Lewis
Carla Longacre
Peggy Oertwig
Sherry Oswald
Sue Parks
Mary Prewitt
Beth Rowlands
Paula Schreiber
Dana Steffee
Laura Stein
Kent Thomas

VIP Professional: Kansas State Animal Response Team

With tragedies, sometimes there are silver linings. When an EF-5 tornado hit Greensburg 10 years ago, a large number of animals were displaced when 95 percent of the Kansas town was destroyed. Sadly, not many of the pets were reunited with their owners.   That disaster brought to fruition, however, an idea that had been considered by several Kansas veterinarians a few years before: a statewide animal response team, or what Wichita vet Dr. Christen Skaer calls a “doggie and cat Red Cross,” to respond to catastrophic events that impact humans and their pets.

ASPCA Grant Awarded 2017

Midwestern States Receive $85,000 from ASPCA to Help Animals During Disasters


The Kansas State Animal Response team received $11,500 toward the purchase of a CAMET for the South East Regional Animal Response Team.  Tami Johnson, the SE regional team liaison, put in the time and effort to research, write and submit the grant.  Tami worked with KS SART for support during the grant process and will continue to do so through the process of spending the grant funds and purchasing the CAMET.  Read more…


The State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas was featured in the October KDEM planning and mitigation branch newsletter, “Planning Points” under the resource highlight section.

The State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas is emergency management’s resource for pets in a disaster in Kansas! This trained coalition of volunteers is prepared to provide temporary shelter and care for animals displaced in a disaster. They stand ready to deploy across Kansas at the request of emergency management. The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KSSART), the umbrella agency for the Coalition, manages policy, procedures and training for the local teams and provides coordinative efforts in a disaster. The local teams (county or regional) are the deployable resource and the public education advocates of the coalition. The regional/county teams are responsible for: educating the public on animal disaster preparedness and response (often at the county level by the regional sub-group of CART volunteers) and responding in disasters, when requested by emergency management, to provide temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by a disaster.

Point of Contact:

Kelly Benton KS SART Unit Coordinator
Kansas State Animal Response Team
6505 E Central, Box 160 Wichita, KS 67206
Office: 316-200-5347

Click here to read more of this article (page 3-4) and the full Planning Points Newletter



2016 ASPCA Midwestern Resiliency Grant Awards

The Kansas State Animal Response Team is pleased to accept two grants from the ASPCA Midwestern Resiliency Grant Program again in 2016.   The first project the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has provided funding for is the 2016 Kansas Animal Response Exercise scheduled for October 2016 at Crisis City.  This will be the first state-wide animal response training exercise the Kansas State Animal Response Team has organized.  The ASPCA was a strong partner in the 2015 Animal Preparedness Conference and the idea of partnering again with them in 2016 for a response exercise is very exciting.  The ASPCA has also awarded funding to enable one Kansas State Animal Response Team representative to attend a highly recognized national animal response conference, the 2016 National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs (NASAAEP) Summit in May in Texas.  This conference will offer valuable training and networking opportunities to help in the further development of animal response in Kansas.  Thank you to the ASPCA for their continued support of animal response efforts in Kansas!

Click here to read more on this ASPCA grant program and the KS SART award.


2015 ASPCA Midwestern Resiliency Grant Awards

Several animal response teams in Kansas were awarded grant funding through the ASPCA in 2015.  These grants encourage animal disaster preparedness and response development in five midwestern states, including Kansas.  Awards in Kansas included funding for response equipment, funding to continue the state Unit Coordinator role and funding to host the annual state training conference, the 2015 Kansas Animal Preparedness Conference.    Read more…

Caring for Jack

Any rescue of a living creature is difficult, but a pet rescue is extra tough. For starters pets might not be listed as missing. Next, pets often run from their home area during or after the storm. Then, some pets are so small they can get wedged into the smallest of places. Such was the case with Jack.

Jack was a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack’s family lost their neighbor, lost their home, and they lost Jack.

Read the story.