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Co-Located Sheltering in Manhattan

Shelter Opens for Pets and People in Manhattan Kansas

The North East Animal Response Team and the Red Cross partnered to shelter pets and their families in one co-located shelter in Manhattan, Kansas during flooding this September.

Mary Prewitt with the Kansas State Animal Response team said this decision was long overdue.

“People will cross police lines. They will put themselves at risk and go back to rescue their pets if you don’t provide for pets at the same time you evacuate the people,” she explained.

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Animal Response Recognized by APPsheet

Appsheet for Animal Response

Animal in-take and reunion are key pieces of the disaster animal sheltering process.  If you don’t track the animals, providing proper care and eventually returning them to their owners is impossible!  Paper has been the standard until Appsheet.  First implemented and tested during the September 2017 Project Care Exercise and improved upon during the March 2018 exercise, the Appsheet tool used by animal response was developed by the team’s volunteers.  Appsheet has been great to work with and offered an extremely discounted rate for the subscription.    Read more from Appsheet here…

Spirit of Service Award

The Kansas Animal Response Team was recognized by the KC Animal Health Corridor and its partners at the Corridor’s annual Homecoming Dinner in Kansas City on Monday, August 20, 2018. The dinner is an exclusive gathering of animal health industry leaders from around the world to celebrate global industry successes and growth. The Corridor presented KS SART with the 2018 Spirit of Service Award to recognize work in the development of regional animal disaster preparation and response across Kansas. The award came with a $15,000 check and a video about the work. The video, created by the Corridor and premiered at the dinner, will be available to the Team to promote its work in the future. Organizations sponsoring the award were dvm360, Animalytix, and NAVC Publishing. Representing KS SART to receive the award was Mary Prewitt, President; Ingrid Trevino-Garrison, Vide-President and board member Peggy Oertwig.  “We are very honored and grateful to receive this award from the Corridor and the sponsors” said Mary Prewitt.

Thank you to the interviewees:  Dr Christen Skaer, Tammy Ritchie and Nadine Conner.

2018 Storm Fury On the Plains

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service office in Wichita have partnered with local Emergency Management to present information that will help prepare storm spotters and weather enthusiasts for the upcoming storm season.  The presentations are hosted by local county Emergency Management agencies and typically last up to two hours. They are open to anyone that has an interest in weather. There are no fees to attend, you do not have to register, and you do not have to sign up to be a spotter. So, if you are interested in learning more about severe thunderstorms and their hazards, please take the time to come out and join us for a very interesting and enjoyable evening.

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Welcome To Kansas Animal Response

The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a non-profit organization dedicated to development and support of regional animal response teams.  The regional teams are comprised of trained volunteer dedicated to providing temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by a disaster.  KS SART and affiliated regional animal response teams work together as the Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.

Volunteers are needed.  You can make a difference to people and their pets during disasters!  Consider joining a team today!

Hurricane Harvey Update

Photo- Doug Gross (Patch Staff)
Updated August 29, 2017 11:51 am 

Update 08/30/2017

KS SART is closely watching the animal response situation in Texas following Hurricane Harvey and is ready to offer assistance IF REQUESTED!    Of utmost importance is that NO ONE SELF-DEPLOY!

The nature of disasters is “hurry up and wait”.  Texas is skilled at dealing with disasters and has a robust animal disaster response capability. So far, they have handled pet issues locally and have reached out where necessary for assistance with transport and supply deliveries.  Pet Friendly shelters have been opened and neighbors are helping neighbors.  We are not surprised that they have not called for general outside support yet.  Response must be safe for humans and animals, responders and victims.

Again please DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY!  Disaster response is a huge challenge and adding unorganized, albeit with good intentions, untrained and unaffiliated responders is NOT acceptable or helpful!

You can make a difference through online donations too. Our recommendations of organizations currently assisting with Hurricane Harvey include:

There isn’t a rescue group in the country who can help everyone.  We must be prepared to take care of our families and our neighbors first.  

Make a plan for your family.  

Keeping the storm victims in Texas, and now Louisiana in our hearts and prayers.

Hurricane Harvey

Photo: Tiele Dockens

Trained Kansas Animal Response volunteers have been notified and given the opportunity to respond under one of our national animal response partners as animal sheltering volunteers.  Some Kansas animal response volunteers are also involved in the hurricane response through remote liaison and resource coordination efforts to support a partner response agency out of Kansas City.

Thank you to those in communities across Kansas who have asked how you can help the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.   The best way to assist is by funding a legitimate animal response organization that is involved and donate money so that supplies can be purchased to help shelter and care for the displaced animals.  Be sure you know the organization you are donating to as sadly, scammers will take advantage of this situation.

If this disaster has inspired you to get involved then please take time to first sign up to be a volunteer for the Kansas Animal Response Coalition; and second, to take the required response training to become a certified animal responder.   Click here to learn more about how to sign up and where to go for training.

Shelter From The Storm – Pilot Workshop

Shelter From The Storm – Pilot Workshop

Thanks to the Florida State Animal Response Coalition for bringing their shelter awareness course to Kansas, the Kansas Humane Society for sharing their amazing facility and to the Red Cross for assisting with funding to make this training possible!  What a great addition to the training program for animal response team volunteers in Kansas and thanks to the first 39 volunteers who traveled in from all over the state to participate.  These amazing volunteers represented the KC Metro, North East, South East, South West and South Central regions!  In July the train-the-trainer version of the sheltering course will be conducted and 23 of these amazing volunteers are returning to become instructors for this workshop.  This means the workshop can be made available annually at the regional level!  Beginning in 2017 level 2 -Shelter From The Storm workshop will be added to the training curriculum, which began with level 1 – Train Today Respond Tomorrow, for animal response volunteers.  A third level, Operation Animal Response, is being planned for late 2017-early 2018 again collaborating with the Florida State Animal Response Coalition.

Shelter From The Storm: Train-The-Trainer

A huge thanks goes to the Florida State Animal Response Coalition for conducting a train-the-trainer workshop in Kansas.  “Shelter From The Storm” will be added as the second level to the Kansas animal response training program.    For a train-the-trainer workshop you need volunteers and a big thanks goes to the 20 animal response team volunteers who accepted the challenge to become Kansas trainers.  Made possible through the generous funding support of the Red Cross and held at the beautiful Kansas Humane Society facility, this project is a shinning example of how non-profit organizations can pull together for the greater good!

Meet the new Kansas trainers:

Kelly Benton
Dayna Boso
Amber Bowlby
Jennifer Burns
Stacy Cleaves
Stephanie Grandon
Jesica Harvey
Carolyn Jergenson
Henry Kevern
Carla Lewis
Carla Longacre
Peggy Oertwig
Sherry Oswald
Sue Parks
Mary Prewitt
Beth Rowlands
Paula Schreiber
Dana Steffee
Laura Stein
Kent Thomas